Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

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A member of the Academic House Team, the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and evaluation of high-quality curricula and instruction across the network. The EDCI collaborates with the Chief Academic Officer, Executive Director of School Quality, and the Director of Student Development to Support the strategic priorities of the organization.

Desired Competencies:

  • Has a clear sense of vision and purpose/ reason for making decision
  • Plans in a thorough, meticulous manner.
  • Offers innovative ideas or solutions to new/ old problems.
  • Follows through
    • Self-starter – takes responsibility for initiating necessary changes or actions.
    • Remains focused on goal attainment, perseveres, monitors, delivers.
    • Doesn’t let the details fall between the cracks.
    • Stays with a project through to its completion.
  • Reliable – Can be counted on to complete tasks/ projects on time
  • Committed:  
    • Positive attitude, promotes harmonious collaboration
    • Truly appreciates that teamwork will produce superior results
    • Genuinely enjoys and is enthusiastic about being part of a team
    • Contributes fair share to the team
  • Able to motivate and positively influence others
  • Listens, identifies others’ perspective(s)
  • Communicates effectively with others regardless of differences
  • Self-care, prioritizes personal wellness
  • Views challenges as exciting learning experiences

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support the implementation of the Five Elements of the U;
  • Supports the director of curriculum and instruction for math ensuring curricula and instructional practices are executed;
  • Collaborates with partners and school leaders to support high quality PD in Literacy across content areas;
  • Trains instructional coaches to support successful implementation of work plan goals related to literacy;
  • Determines the pace in ela curriculum, and collaborates with school leaders to address gaps in classroom teacher practice and student outcomes
  • Collaborates with the CAO, Executive Director of School Quality and dsd to support work plan implementation;
  • Establishes and reviews processes related to curriculum adoption;
  • Establishes the policy standards and templates for unit and lesson plans;
  • Organize formal curriculum documents, including grade-level curriculum maps, scope & sequence documents, and related curricular resources;
  • Maintains the integrity of the work plan process;
  • Leads the digitization of the road map project, including corresponding planning and resource documents;
  • Collaborates with CAO to support principals in their work plan development annually;
  • Collaborates with Director of School Quality to align district improvement plans with annual work plans;
  • Collaborates with academic house team members to implement systems and structures to support the road map;
  • Displays the highest ethical and professional standards of behavior;
  • Protects confidentiality of student, staff, and organizational data, using discretion when sharing any such information within legal confines;
  • Adheres to federal statutes and regulations, Michigan school law, State Board of Education rules and regulations, Detroit 90 90 policies and procedures, and contractual obligations; and
  • Perform any duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of employment, as assigned by the position’s supervisor, and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.

Experience and Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree required; Master's degree preferred
  • Currently possess Michigan Administrator Certificate (Central Office endorsed) or meet state requirements toward completion
  • Previous experience as school principal preferred
  • Experience developing curriculum at the district level
  • Experience with leading major initiatives from concept to implementation
  • Ability to distill essential findings from analysis, determine root causes, and suggest ways to improve current practices
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written
  • Experience working with others to successfully complete multi-faceted projects

Location: Detroit, MI
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