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Responsible for the safety and well being of students, school facilities and maintenance of positiverelationships with Taubman Security team



•Superviseand monitor the interior and exterior of the University Prep Art and Design portion of the A. AlfredTaubman Center for Design Education before after school to ensure the safetyand welfare of students and to ensure the security of school facilities andassets.

•Ensurethat students not involved in after school activities land under the directsupervision of school staff leave the building no later than 4 p.m. This mayinvolve verbally directing students, contacting family members to pick studentsup, and/or contacting Wayne State police to pick students up if family memberscannot be located or are non-responsive

•Implementschool dismissal procedures provided by school Principal/Deans

•Shareinformation with Taubman Security Team as needed

•Communicatewith identified school leader(s) to ensure they are aware of chronic problemsso they may address them with students/families

•Interactwith students, families and school staff in a respectful manner

•Electronicallymaintain accurate and complete records pertaining to late pick-ups, attempts tocommunicate with families and any contacts with outside agencies

•AssistCollege for Creative Studies Security Officers and law enforcement whenrequested.

• Attendtraining sessions as needed to successfully perform functions of this job

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Location: Student Support Services in Detroit, MI
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