Full Time Hourly - Special Education Paraprofessional

Detroit, MI

The special education paraprofessional works under the direction of one or more teachers to procide behavioral and academic support to a student within the general education setting.  


  • Provide behavioral and academic support based on student Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
  • Maintain daily documentation logs and records updating student progress
  • Provide supplementary instruction under the direction and guidance of the general and special education teacher 
  • Support student success and the culture of the school by implementing specific behavior support and management practices 
  • Maintain safety and discipline in the lunchrooms, on the playground, or in other school offices
  • Assist in the development of instructional and related materials. 
  • Complementing instruction, such as assisting the teacher during the lesson by helping students who may need additional support with instruction
  • Assist students to use books, classroom materials and equipment 
  • Assists teachers on field trips by assisting students with physical needs, maintaining discipline, and reinforcing learning situations
  • Operates audio-visual equipment and prepares or uses other materials and methods to assist teachers in presenting lessons to students
  • Attend IEP meetings, if requested
  • Meet all obligations as set out in the UPrep Staff Handbook


  • Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Experience working with students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or students in the special education setting

Experience with behavior tracking systems of support

Minimum Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Have completed at least two years of study at an institution of higher education [defined as completion of 60 semester hours (or equivalent trimester hours) of college coursework or an applicable number of semester hours as defined by the institution of higher education attended, whichever is less; or Have obtained an associate’s (or higher) degree; or Have met a rigorous standard of quality and can demonstrate, through a formal state or local academic assessment – Knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing, and mathematics; or Knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading readiness, writing readiness, and mathematics readiness, as appropriate.
  • Have demonstrated ability to work effectively under the direction of others
  • Have willingness to assume any responsibilities appropriate for the position
  • Behave and speak in professional manner 
  • An evident commitment to holding all students to high expectations for academic and personal success
  • Significant experience working with urban children and their families
  • Candidates should be comfortable operating in a flexible, self-directed and fast-paced work environment